VOICE Missions is...

...a TESOL ministry
VOICE Missions is a TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) ministry. This means that you will be serving as a volunteer English teacher in a program in rural Taiwan. This opportunity to teach children will give you the opportunity to connect with your community and minister to students and their families. amazing opportunity for growth
Working as a missionary can be difficult at times, but this is also a great opportunity for growth. VOICE Missions volunteers are given the chance to learn the language, culture, and customs of another country. This trip can also be a time of spiritual growth as you learn to rely more on God for daily strength.

...fully sponsored.
Apart from the cost of the initial training, background checks, and visa, all other expenses are covered by your sponsor. Your sponsor will pay for your airfare to and from Taiwan, your housing, and your living expenses while serving.

...a mission.
VOICE Missions is a mission! It's an opportunity to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with people who possibly have never heard of Him before. While we may not always be able to share completely freely about Jesus in our classrooms, we do look for any opportunity to make Jesus known here to the people of Taiwan!

VOICE Missions is NOT...

...a vacation
Even though everyone who comes with VOICE Missions are volunteers, this does not mean that this is a time of leisure and vacation. Every VOICE Missions volunteer has daily responsibilities to their sponsor, team, and schools. While there are plenty of opportunities for relaxation and fun, volunteers with VOICE Missions must be prepared to work hard and give of themselves during their time in Taiwan.

...a place to be “fixed”
As humans in a fallen world we all have flaws in our character. Often we are tempted to believe that a simple change in environment will fix all of our problems. Unfortunately this is NOT how missions work. As missionaries, we face physical and spiritual difficulties that tend to magnify our sinful human nature. If you have a problem with anger, laziness, greed, lust, or any other sin, becoming a missionary will not fix these problems. Please do not look to VOICE Missions to fix what only Jesus can fix.

Taiwan is not a third-world nation, and our sponsors attempt to make our lives as comfortable as possible. But despite this, be prepared to sacrifice some of the comforts that you may be used to having in your home country.

...a place to be spiritually mentored
You can experience tremendous spiritual growth while serving with VOICE Missions in Taiwan. But please come with the realization that you may not be spiritually mentored in the same way that you are used to. Taiwan has very few Christians, so most of your friends will not be Christians. And because of the language difference you may not be able to be spiritually fed by your local church in the same way that you were fed at your home church. It is important that you come prepared to give more than you receive.