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Because of the important services that VOICE Missions volunteers provide in their communities, HTC Foundation is willing to cover most of the costs of a VOICE Missions trip.

VOICE Missions volunteers are required to cover all the costs of meeting the prerequisites. However after you are accepted to serve in the VOICE program, HTC Foundation will cover the cost of your airfare to and from Taiwan as well as your living expenses while you are serving there.


The HTC Foundation was started by Mr. HT Cho, co-founder of the HTC smart phone company, with the vision of promoting good character by providing character education for families, communities, and schools. The HTC Foundation has funded leadership training courses for over 68,000 elementary, secondary and post-secondary teachers and administrators in Taiwan. The Foundation has also developed township character plans which promote character development for officials working in township offices, public hospitals, and other public sector positions.

In 2008, the HTC Foundation started the first Character and English Institute (CEI) in Hualien County. CEI functions as a five-day four-night camp with the primary goal of teaching students good character, self-confidence, positive thinking, and how to make right choices in life. The character education curriculum is provided to local students in cooperation with lessons from native English-speaking teachers. The purpose is to offer an interesting and fun character learning experience with a touch of outside culture for the students as they interact with the English teachers. There are currently four CEI Camps in Taiwan located in Hualien, Yunlin, Chiayi, and Taitung Counties, and one more scheduled to open this year in Nantou.