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Living in Taiwan, VOICE Missions volunteers have many additional opportunities for building relationships with the local community. Here are a few examples of different ways past teams have invested in the people in Taiwan. All teachers are encouraged to investigate new avenues of ministry.


With the high demand for English literacy, many friends and acquaintances are interested in joining Bible studies organized by VOICE volunteers. These Bible studies are held in churches, universities, and in people’s homes. While coming to practice their English, they also get the opportunity to hear more about Jesus.


The aboriginal villages in Taiwan are some of the poorest places in the country. Many aboriginal children are from broken families where drunkenness and abuse is common. VOICE volunteers will often visit the villages on the weekend, showing love by spending time with the children. Those who have volunteered for many years have built many long-lasting relationships.


Some teams visit nearby orphanages and boys’ homes and invest in the kids’ lives there. Often they do this through a variety of activities, including playing games, teaching English, chatting with them or taking the time to listen and pray.