Started back in 2001, VOICE Missions was born with the intent of giving Christian young people an opportunity to minister in the nation of Taiwan as volunteer English TESOL Teachers. What began as one team in one county has turned into five teams comprised of young people passionate about making His name known in this tropical country.

We're a group of Christ followers intent on sharing His love and truth with the people of Taiwan. We're all about teaching English, sharing love with those around us, and encouraging each child to learn more. We see each student as precious as we volunteer in English camps all over Taiwan.

When we are not volunteering in these areas, we might be visiting a local aboriginal village to share Bible stories, going to an orphanage and loving the kids who have no family, or helping to support our local church by offering English Bible studies. No matter what we do, we do it through Christ's love, knowing we are called to share Him with the beautiful people of the island.

The need for dedicated people to join us on this mission is great! If you have a love for children, and are willing to selflessly give of your time in order to minister to the nation of Taiwan, we welcome you to join us in this ministry!


Our mission is to share the love of Christ through teaching English, caring for people, and exemplifying the Character of Christ.


VOICE Missions operates much differently than a normal mission organization. Our trips are 11 months long, our volunteers are mostly 18-30 years old, and our mission trips are sponsored.

We can offer these unique mission trips because of our partnership with HTC Foundation, the non-profit branch of one of Taiwan's largest tech companies. VOICE Missions volunteers serve as volunteer English teachers at one of HTC's five Character and English Institutes throughout Taiwan. In exchange, HTC Foundation covers the entire cost of the trip.

Serving as a volunteer English teacher opens the door for the Gospel to be shared through building relationships. This may be through reaching out to students, village kids, orphans, college groups, friends in the community or wherever God leads. Our passion is to share Christ with the Taiwanese people and being a volunteer teacher is a great opportunity to do just that!


The history of the Taiwan VOICE mission could begin with any number of people, but for simplicity's sake we'll say it started with two people, Dr. Stephen Chen and Mr. Morgan Sun.

In 1995, Dr. Chen and his family moved from their home in New York to Taiwan in order to establish the Taiwan branch of the Institute in Basic Life Principles, a ministry to the churches, businesses, and schools of Taiwan. Over the years this ministry has hosted hundreds of Christian living seminars, children’s camps, and character training seminars all over the nation of Taiwan.

In 1997,Mrs. Grace Chan invited her brother Mr. Morgan Sun (Director of the King Car Education Foundation) to come from Taiwan to America to see the ministry of the Institute in Basic Life Principles at their headquarters in Oak Brook, IL.

In 1998, Morgan Sun and Dr. Chen hosted a group of young people from America, scheduling them to speak at various schools, detention centers, and government agencies throughout Taiwan.

In 2001, Mr. Sun began inviting teams of young people to conduct a series of Character and English camps each year during winter and summer break.

In 2003, Mr. Sun launched the Schweitzer English Program in which nineteen students stayed after winter camps to teach in the rural schools of Nantou and Chaiyi counties. The work expanded to Kinmen and Yuli counties, with teams of teachers coming first for a semester at a time and then committing for an entire school year.

In 2007, Mr. Sun began to shift his focus to launching an English Village, which was located at a school in Taoyuan. With the start of the Taoyuan English Village, King Car decided to transfer the work in Nantou County to the Nantou County government. At the end of the fall semester, Morgan Sun retired from King Car to take the position of CEO at the Mandarin Daily News, a children’s newspaper.

In 2008, the HTC Foundation, under the leadership of Mr. HT Cho, established their first permanent character and English camp in Hualien County. In the following years the HTC Foundation grew to be the largest sponsor of VOICE volunteers.

In 2009, the Yunlin team was established at the Character and English Institute in Douliou City – the capital city of Yunlin County.

In 2010, the Chiayi team was established at the Character and English Institute in rural Chiayi county.

In 2013, the Taitung team was established at the Character and English Institute on the outskirts of Taitung City.

In 2015, HTC Foundation announced that they would begin building a Character and English Institute in Nantou County. After this announcement, the Nantou government announced that they would transfer sponsorship of the Nantou team to HTC Foundation.

In 2017, VOICE Missions made the decision that starting in September, VOICE Missions volunteers will work solely with HTC Foundation’s Character and English Institutes. 

The future is consistently changing, and we are excited to see how God will continue to use this ministry in the future.